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Pam Christian

Pam WebBioPam Christian

To say gaming changed Pam’s life is not an exaggeration. After meeting Jeff in college, he invited her to try out a gaming session with his role-playing group. Mike was the gamemaster and took one look at the college freshman and thought she would never come back. But she fell in love with gaming, and much later, with Mike. 28 years later, Mike and Jeff are still her favorite GMs. Pam’s favorite TTRPGs are Vampire: The Masquerade, Star Wars, Villains & Vigilantes, and of course, Dungeons & Dragons. Pam might be the only gamer to miss THACO, but only because she likes to say it out loud.

Today, Pam is happily married to Mike, and they share two kids and their cat/familiar, Merlin. When not working, gaming, or writing, Pam spends her time shopping for dice, baking cupcakes, and annoying Mike.

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